Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Senate & the Liverpudlian People

One week ago I moved to Merseyside from Leominster in Herefordshire (and for my adventures with the Tory party there see this Blog: you'll need a strong stomach & a weird sense of humour!).

Since I married in Liverpool in 2006 - my wife was reared on Anfield Rd - I've been falling for this strange town in fits and starts.
Ever since I emerged from Lime Street station and saw the astonishing building opposite it. St George's Hall, possibly the finest Roman building standing anywhere in Europe.

I wandered into the Hall, mesmerised, then burst out laughing when I saw this carved into the bronze doors.
The Victorian fathers of Liverpool were saying "this, Liverpool, is the new Rome".
The magnificent, arrogant, crazy self-confidence of that still makes my jaw drop. I thought then - think now - "who on earth do people who make a statement like that think they are??"

This Blog will be a record of my attempts to answer that question.

Or, as Henry at the start of Goodfellas (could have, should have) said:
'Ever since I can remember, all I ever wanted to be was a Scouser...'

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